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"Barcelona... is wandering through a dream" Lonely Planet's description could not have been more accurate. This is a city of vibrancy, history, abundance of life and colour, A city where you could follow the work of the incredible Antoni Gaudi.Born in Reus in 1852, Gaudi studied architecture in Barcelona Provincial School of Architecture. Between 1883 and 1926, Gaudi left in Barcelona a sample of ten varied architectural works. The most incredible of which is the world famous La Sagrada Familia, which engineers and builders are still scrambling to finish by 2026, 100 years after Gaudi's death. Barcelona is also the city in which I serendipitously happened upon my first Coldplay concert (for free!), a band whom I never would have seen otherwise. And it was so life affirming. Gosh, the energy in that stadium is something else. 

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